Innovative Inclusion works with companies that employ or interact with Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals during their course of business to create an extraordinary organizational culture that supports diversity and inclusion through ADA compliant accessibility, cultural awareness, and effective communication.
Following the roadmap laid out in our groundbreaking programs, organizations are able to minimize risk and liability, while overcoming any specific challenges associated with providing communication access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in their business. Our clients seek to understand their legal obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, explore appropriate and affordable communication options, and discover the financial and social benefits of working with the more than 28 million individuals living with hearing loss across the United States.

Innovative Inclusion offers ADA compliance consulting, cultural competency workshops for staff and management, employee training materials, and ongoing support services on a national level to ensure success for organizations that have Deaf and Hard of Hearing workforce or clientele.


Innovative Inclusion offers state of the art educational and consulting services to help organizations establish effective communication with Deaf or Hard of Hearing employees and clients, maximize investment in human capital, and take actionable steps that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to diversity. The benefits of accessibility and inclusion extend to every level of an organization, enabling access to a wider customer base while achieving greater productivity and improving job satisfaction.